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Q: Trade Migration and conquest led to what?
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What are the four traits of cultural blending?

The four traits of cultural blending are: Migration Conquest Trade Persuit of Religous converts

How does cultural diffusion take place?

People have been exposed to other cultures through trade, migration, and conquest. Today, television, the internet, and movies spread cultural ideas faster than ever.

What Spanish conquistador led the conquest of the Aztec?

Hernán Cortés led the conquest of the Aztec.

How did cultures spread throughout various regions?

Cultures spread through various regions through processes such as trade, migration, conquest, and cultural diffusion. Trade and migration facilitated the exchange of ideas, traditions, and technologies between different societies. Conquest and colonization also played a significant role in spreading cultures through the imposition of customs, languages, and belief systems onto conquered territories.

Who led the Norman conquest of England?

The Norman Conquest was led by William the Duke of Normandy.

What did the desire to convert people to Christianity and the demand for Asian trade goods lead to?

These European desires led to the conquest and subjugation of ancient civilisations.

How did climate change affect people's migration?

It led to migration

Why does the Indo-European group settle in different areas?

The Indo-European group settled in different areas due to factors such as migration, conquest, trade, and cultural diffusion. These movements led to the spread of Indo-European languages and cultures across a wide geographical area, eventually evolving into distinct branches over time.

How did geography affect the phoenician?

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it led them to sea trade.

Can you trade from black to conquest?


How did the mongol conquest promote trade and cultural exchanges?

i need an answer):............... they promoted trafe by their conquests...there territory captured led to a substantial amount of trade between mongols and other small city states as well

What spanish leader led the conquest of ancient Aztec people?

Hernán Cortés was the leader that led the conquest of the ancient Aztec people.