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Q: Tribes eventually settling in one place and developed the nation-state refers to the what Theory of government?
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Tribes eventually settling in one place and developed the nation-state refers to the Theory of government?


Why did the settling of east Texas halt in 1719?

The reason the settling of East Texas halted is because war broke out between Spain and France. Texas would eventually become a U.S. state in 1845.

What influence did religion and trade have on the develope of east Africa?

Trade helped the development of East Africa with wealth and power. Religious groups developed East Africa by settling colonies.

How did the hunter gatherers develop?

Hunter-gatherer societies developed over thousands of years as humans transitioned from being nomadic foragers to settling in permanent communities. They developed important survival skills such as hunting, gathering, tool making, and social cooperation to adapt to various environments and ensure their survival. This lifestyle eventually led to the development of agriculture and the emergence of more complex societies.

Why must the government enforce the value of fiat money by requiring its use for settling private debts in court for transactions with the government?

To keep it safe.

Where did Abraham and Sarah live?

Abraham and Sarah lived in Ur of the Chaldeans before moving to Haran and eventually settling in Canaan.

What did the spanish government give to certain colonists as a way of settling and controlling New Spain?

Cash crops and stock

What emergence did the settling of towns and villges lead to?

The settling of towns and villages led to the emergence of organized communities, centralized governance, and specialization of labor. It also fostered trade, cultural exchange, and the development of social structures.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons) fled persecution in the Midwestern U.S. in the 19th century eventually settling in?

The Mormons eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas.

What is meant by the important government function of keeping order?

Keeping order means makings laws, settling disputes, and enforcing the law.

Why did Cuban people start settling in Fort Brooke during the Second Seminole War?

They were escaping a government they did not agree with. (For FLVS Students)

Was Cuba invaded by Spain in 1565?

Cuba was not invaded by Spain in 1565. The Spaniards started coming and settling into Cuba as early as 1494 and eventually it became Spanish zone.