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reconcile house and senate versions of a bill

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Q: Type of committee that is permanent where bills are first sent to be reviewed?
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Does The House of Representatives must send all appropriations bills to the Senate for them to begin the legislative process?

It is not true that in order for the Senate to begin the legislative process of all the bills is that it must be sent by the House of Representatives. It should be first reviewed and approved to by the committee it was assigned to.

What committee would a bill to raise taxes would a be referred to?

All tax bills must originate in the House of Representatives, and any tax bill is first referred to the House Ways and Means Committee

In the Senate bills are brought to the floor by?

First the bill must be written up and drafted. Next, the Senator who advocates it will present it formally to the clerk of the Senate. It is then numbered S.___. In the House of Representatives, a bill is labeled H.R.___. The higher the number is indicates how much of a priority that bill is. As in S. 2 is a higher priority the S. 378. The numbered bill is then categorized and handed off to the committee that handles most policies in regard to that topic. Committees are formed, both standing (permanent) and temporary, for a wide range of topics. The committee formed has members of both parties, but the majority party in the Senate will have a higher number in the committee. The committee then votes on whether or not to set the bill in front of the Senate or to 'kill' it. The bill then gets voted on (assuming it made it through the committee- which may also make revisions) by the Senate. If the bill gets a majority-- even if only by one vote, it is presented to the House of Representatives. In the House of Representatives, the same process happens-- the HR and the S are very much intertwined, one may not pass anything without getting it approved by the other. The HR then numbers it, hands it off to a committee- if this committee doesn't kill it (but it may revise it) then it gets voted on. If it passes the House, then it is presented to the President. If he/she vetoes it, than the Congress must have a 2/3rds vote to override it.IF the bill voted on in the HR is different than the original that came from the S then a joint committee of both Senate and House members must be formed to create a compromised bill. Then that bill is presented and the whole process begins again: hand off to committee, committee approves or kills, vote's taken, passed to the President.Some bills with low priority (example: S. 678) may not even be reviewed! If this happens, then the Senator must present it to the clerk for the next Congressional session.

What is meant by 'killed in committee'?

In the American House of Representatives and the Senate proposed bills are first sent to the committee that oversees that particular area of interest. There are committee on all sorts of industry, foreign policy, judiciary and even the house's own rules. They propose changes, add amendments and finally vote on whether it should go to the full house or senate to be voted on. Committees are comprised of a percentage based on who is in the majority. So, most bills get out of committee rather easily even on a straight party line vote. If there is a problem with the bill, if the majority changes or more importantly members of the majority are pressured to "kill the bill" from inside or outside their respective congressional districts the bill fails to get out of committee. Some bills do not see the inside of a committee room, most recently Democrats conducted business this way, in order to give cover to those politicians who are on the committee but don't want to vote for the bill.

Who were the first isolationist leaders of the American first committee?

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What was the committee of correspondece?

In 1772, Samuel Adams and Dr. Joseph Warren formed the first permanent "Committee of Correspondence,", which provided information and support for the thirteen colonies against the policies and excesses of the British government and became the basis for the revolutionary government. See the link below for more information.

When does a bill first go to a standing committee?

when does a bill first go to a standing committee

What educational reform occurred first?

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Why do bills go to committee first?

For starters, it thins the herd. If Congress had to consider each and every bill brought before them on the floor, their work would be so bummed down that they couldn't get anything done. By referring them to committees, the committees can consider multiple bills at one time (because there are multiple committees). Also, they can take the bogus, retarded bills and shelve them, so that they don't unnecessarily bog down the entire Congress. Basically, a committee decides if a bill is WORTHY of consideration by Congress as a whole.

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