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on demand for kerosene.

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Q: Upon what was the American oil industry built?
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Who built the oil industry?

John D. Rockefeller with the Standard Oil Company. :DDD

What does Lucas Oil do in the auto industry?

Lucas Oil is a manufacturer of automotive oil, additives and lubricants. The company mainly produces their products for the American truck stop industry.

Are car and oil industry responsible for the inefficiency of public transport?

It's mostly the government and groups who restrict where you can drill for oil and restrict how many roads can be built and where the roads can be built.

What monopolized the American oil industry?

the trust that John D Rockefeller created

What is the industry of oil?

the oil industry is oil

What is the oil industry?

the oil industry is oil

What were two things that helped American industry grow in the early 1800s?

Steel and oil

Why did Rockefeller try to gain ownership of stock in other oil companys?

He wanted complete monopoly on the American oil industry.

Why did Rockefeller try gain ownership of stock in other oil companies?

He wanted complete monopoly on the American oil industry.

Which South American country has rich oil resources?

Venezuela is the South American country with rich oil resources, having one of the largest oil reserves in the world. The country heavily relies on its oil industry for revenue and exports.

What is Iraqs economy based upon?

The oil industry dominates Iraq's economy, accounting for nearly 95% of the country's revenues.

How did a trust allow John D Rockefeller to create a monopoly over the American oil industry?