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Q: Views on which topic eventually led to the demise of the American Party?
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What Party took up the federalists views after federal party no longer existed?

what party took up the federalists' views after the federalist party no longer existed

NAACP views on american society?

what were the NAACPs views on American society

Do party labels inform voters?

To some degree they do. Party members almost always have the same views on many issues, so voters can at least infer some of the views a candidate holds. You have to be careful, though, just because someone belongs to a certain party does not necessarily mean that the person holds all of the same views as the party. You have to find out what the views of the individual candidates are regardless of the party they are in.

Which party in seen as more conservative in its views?

If you mean: in the USA, the answer is the Republican Party.

Which political party typically represents the views of liberal voters?

The Democratic party

What caused the know nothing party to rise?

Opposition to immigration to America caused the american party also called the know-nothing party to rise.

Which party is seen as more liberal in its views?


Which party is seen as more conservative in its views?


What are Shirley Temple's political views?

She was an active member of the Republican party, and her views ranged from moderate to conservative.

What are the voting habits of American voters?

American voters to vote steadily and consistently for candidates that seem to fit their needs and expectations. Most voters will hold true to their Electoral Party and don't often change their views radically.

Is sally ride a Democrat?

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, is known for keeping her political views private. There is no public information indicating her political affiliation or party.

Whose views did the Federalist Party represent?

The lower class.