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Baron Von Steuben was a Prussian born General who voluntarily assisted continental army during American Civil War. He was inspector General of the continental army and played an important role in the training of the army and use of military tactics and military drills.

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Q: Von steuben helped train the American soldiers to?
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What was the name of the PrussianGerman officer who helped train American soldiers?

Friedrich von Steuben

Who helped George Washington train the soldiers at Valley Forge?

von steuben

Who was the German soldier who helped train the Continental soldiers at Valley Forge?

Baron von Steuben

Who was a German soldier who helped train the Contienental soldiers at Valley Forge?

Baron von Steuben.

Who was a German officer that helped train n American soldiers?

Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben- Called Baron von Steuben for short- and he was actually from Prussia- which is today part of Germany.

How did von Steuben helped the continental?

Baron Friedrich von Steuben joined the army to train other soldiers. He also focused on basic military drills.

What did the German general Von Steuben train his soldiers to do?


Who was baron var steuben?

He was a Prussian military officer who helped train and organize the Continental Army in the American Revolution.

Who was German who helped train the continental Amy?

Baron von Steuben

What German officer helped train American soldiers?

Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben was the Prussian officer who designed the training program for American troops during the Revolutionary War. He was, under General Washington, Inspector general of the Continental Army.

Who helped the Americans train at the Valley Forge?

Baron Friedrich von Steuben came from Europe and helped the Americans train at Valley Forge.

Who was the German that helped Washington train his army?

Baron von Steuben He was the person that helped Washington train his army. However he was a Prussian not a German.