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Hard question, because he was the president of the US at the time of the civil war. He sort of supported the north because he did not like slavery and did not want the slavery in the US to spread. But overall he was just trying to help both sides.

Lincoln was President of the United States, which during the war was the North..He wanted to preserve the Union above all else, even if it meant not freeing the slaves..His own words....

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Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the entire United States. When he was elected and trying to abolish slavery, the south tried to secede.

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Grant was with the North Lee was with the south.

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He was on the North's side. He also wanted to end slavery

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No he was a Northerner.

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Q: Was Abraham Lincoln for the north or the south?
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Who were the leaders of the south and north during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States (North) Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States (South)

What problems did Abraham Lincoln face?

Trying to maintain the Union during a time of increasing disagreement over slavery between the North and the South. Ultimately leading the North to a victory in the Civil War and reuniting the country.

Who delivered the Gettysburg address on November 19 1863?

The person who delivered the Gettysburg Address in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 19th of 1863 was Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). Serving as President of the United States at that time, a time in which North and South were engaged in the American Civil War, Lincoln's brief but powerful speech has become iconic in American society -- and even beyond.

What was the biggest disagreement between the North and the south during the civil war?

The biggest disagreement between the north and the south was slavery. The south wanted slavery but the north did not. the north beleived that slavery was cruel and wrong and in almost all northern states it was illgegal. however the south had very fertile land, perfect for planting crops like tobacco and cotton. they needed slaves to collect and clean these crops and they feared their economy would fail without the free labor from slaves. so the south decided to free it's self from the united states and become it's own country where slavery was legal. the north did not like the idea but the north did not start the war. the south attacked a northern fort and began the civil war. This all happened just after Abraham Lincoln became president. Abraham Lincoln and the north won the war and the south was re-joined with the north. Abraham Lincoln also abolished slavery in all states, both north and south.

Why did hostility between the north and south continue even after the civil war was over?

Because the south was unhappy about the end of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln created amendments which gave rights to the slaves.

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Was Abraham Lincoln in the south or noth in the war?

"noth" north

What caused Abraham Lincoln to die?

He was shot and killed by William Booth, someone who lived in the North. (Abraham Lincoln was the South)

Why was Abraham Lincoln called father Abraham?

the north felt like he was a father to the country because he tried to keep the north and the south together. I don't think it was Abraham Lincoln. I think it was the" Abraham" in the bible.

What was another saccomplishment Abraham Lincoln did while he was president?

Abraham Lincoln was in the civil war in which he convinced the north and the south to stop fighting

Why did Abraham Lincoln have the civil war?

The north (Abe lincoln) fought with the south over the right to have slaves. the south wanted slavery. the north won.

If Abraham Lincoln was president of the north who was president of the south?

Jefferson Davis

How differences between the north and south led to conflict between them?

Most of the North did not approve of slavery and voted for Abraham Lincoln. While the South was the opposite, they heavily relied on slavery and most of them did not vote for Abraham Lincoln.

North's president in civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the North's president, and in the south, Jefferson Davis.

Which candidate in the 1860s election was not on the ballot in most southern states?

Abraham Lincoln was not on the ballot in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Was Abraham Lincoln on the North or South in the Civil War?

He was fighting against the south so he was with the north fighting against slavery.

What president's plan for reuniting the North and South called for reconciliation?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was the prsident during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln for the North, Jefferson Davis for the South.