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Alvah Curtis Roebuck was in fact African American.

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Q: Was Alvah Curtis Roebuck African American?
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When did Alvah Curtis Roebuck die?

Alvah Curtis Roebuck was born on 1864-01-09.

Is frank roebuck a son of alvah curtis roebuck?

No , Alvah Roebuck only had 1 daughter.

Who were Alvah Curtis Roebuck parents?

Samuel and Mary Jane Wolf Roebuck

Who was the founder of Sears?

Sears, Roebuck and Co. was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893. They initially started as a mail-order catalog company before expanding into retail stores.

What race is alvah roebuck?


What is a roebuck?

Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck decided to start a company together--hence the name of the store and company.

What was the first product sold by Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck?


Was Alvin Roebuck of sears and roebuck black?

No, not that anyone can prove. There have been some online sites that made the claim, but the Sears archives do not agree. They say that Alvah Curtis Roebuck came from Indiana and his ancestry was British. Also, all census documents I have seen say that he was white.

What watch salesman hired a watch repairman named Alvah Roebuck in 1887?

Richard Sears

Where are the nearby Sears locations in Albany NY?

A Sears store in Albany, NY can be found on 1425 Central Ave. Sears is a department-store chain form Illinois. The multinational store chain was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893.

Who is Roebuck in Sears and Roebuck?

Alvah C. Roebuck was a co-founder of Sears and Roebuck along with Richard W. Sears. He went to work for Richard Sears in 1887, and the two ended up forming the company in 1893. Roebuck took charge of the heavily technological division of the company, that sold optical goods, watches, phonographs, and more.

When did Alvah Meyer die?

Alvah Meyer died in 1939.