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Frederick Douglass was a major civil rights activist in the 19th Century Noted for Books and Speeches on Slavery and Oppression. He was NOT a regiment!

Two of his sons served in the 54th Massachussets Regiment. Which was not the first black regiment formed but one of the first Northen Black Regiments formed.

the first Recruited regiment was probably the 1st Louisianna Native Guards or The First South Carolina Colored infantry.

The first black regiment to fight was the 1 Kansas Colored.

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Q: Was Frederick Douglass the first black regiment recruited during the Civil War?
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How many kids does Frederick Douglass have?

Frederick Douglass had 5 children during his lifetime. Frederick Douglass is most known for being a former slave turned abolitionist.

How many kids does Douglass have?

Frederick Douglass had 5 children during his lifetime. Frederick Douglass is most known for being a former slave turned abolitionist.

How long did Frederick Douglass live?

Frederick Douglass lived from 1818 until 1895. He was around during the time of slavery, and after escaping as a slave, he became a leader of the abolitionist movement.

Did Frederick Douglass have any sons or daughters?

Yes, Frederick Douglass had children. The most known are his two sons who went to war in the 1860s. (During the Civil War.)

What is Frederick Douglass' job?

During the Civil War Frederick Douglass worked as an enlistment officer and encouraged President Lincoln to make Emancipation an issue in the Civil War. By:Kooldj :)

Who purchased his freedom from the slaveholder he had fled during the civil war?

Frederick Douglass...

What side was Frederick Douglass on during the Civil War?

I think he was on the Union's side.

Did Frederick Douglass have Abraham Lincoln's cane?

Yes. After Lincoln's assassination, Mrs. Lincoln sent Frederick Douglass the late President's "favorite walking staff," or cane, in recognition of Douglass' recruiting efforts during the Civil War.

Frederick Douglass fight for freedom book?

Frederick Douglass wrote several books during his lifetime. They include: "A Narrative on the Life of an American Slave, My Escape from Slavery, and My Bondage and Freedom.

What did Frederick Douglass urge Northern blacks to do during the war after 1863?

Enlist in the Union army.

Was Frederick Douglass a Confederate or Union supporter?

Frederick Douglass did not live in the Confederacy. He was born in Maryland and spent time in New York and Massachusetts to fight against slavery.

What age did Frederick Douglass die?

On February 20, 1895, Douglass attended a meeting of the National Council of Women in Washington, D.C. During that meeting, he was brought to the platform and given a standing ovation by the audience. Shortly after he returned home, Frederick Douglass died of a massive heart attack or stroke in his adopted hometown of Washington, D.C. He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York.