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Hugh Williamson was not an Anti Federalist. Although his views started to lean toward the Anti Federalist views, he was still considered a Federalist.

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Q: Was Hugh Williamson an antifederalist
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Was Hugh Blair Grigsby an antifederalist or federalist?


Did Hugh Williamson get married in his lifetime?

Hugh Williamson married Maria Apthorpe in January 1789

When was Hugh Ross Williamson born?

Hugh Ross Williamson was born on January 2, 1901, in Romsey, Hampshire, England, UK.

When did Hugh Ross Williamson die?

Hugh Ross Williamson died on January 13, 1978, in Westminster, London, England, UK.

Who did Hugh williamson marry?

Marie Anthrope

Hugh williamson bicameral or unicameral?


How many kids did Hugh williamson have?

2 sons

Why did Hugh Williamson sign the Constitution?

Because it was the right thing to do

Which of the founding fathers was interested in writing climate of north America?

Hugh Williamson

What philosophy influenced Hugh Williamson?

He had a Political Phisolophy. He joined the American Philosophical Society.

What has the author George F Sheldon written?

George F. Sheldon has written: 'Hugh Williamson'

What did Hugh Williamson think of slaves?

Hugh Williamson was a founding father of the United States and a signer of the U.S. Constitution. He held conflicting views on slavery, initially supporting gradual emancipation but later becoming more accepting of the institution. Williamson ultimately believed that the economic impact of abolishing slavery would be too disruptive for society.