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Q: Was James Ray a white man or a black man?
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Did Martin Luther King Jr get shot by a black or a white person?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot by James Earl Ray, a white man.

Was James Watt a black man?

No, he was white.

Was James earl grey black?

I think you are asking about James Earl Ray. He was a white man and the criminal who assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ray was sentenced to 99 years in prison, and that is where he died, in 1998.

Is Lincoln rhyme a white or black man?

Black & white

Who killed Martin Luther King Jr. and why?

James Earl Ray assassinated Dr. King. The reason his did that was never clearly established. Some believe it was because he didn't like what Dr. King was doing, because he was a racist, because he was paid to do it, or some combnation of those reasons.

Was James Earl Ray a garbage man?

James Earl Ray was not a garbage man. He was a fugitive who assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. Ray was a career criminal who briefly worked as a laborer and small-time criminal.

Was James Earl Ray a races white man and is that why he shot and killed dr. martin Luther king jr because he was races and because dr. martin Luther king jr was black?

No. The website link: has told me that James Earl Ray wasn't racist and Ray killed King because Ray thought King was connected with communism and thought it was in USA's best intrest.

Who is the black man in the black and white depends commercial?

The black man in the black and white depends is Michael Jordan.

Was James Earl Ray hired to shoot Martin Luther King Jr?

i think he was highered because of course he is a back man and he is a white man of cours its gonig to happen

Is it considered a hate crime if a white man hits a black man?

no it is called assult, because a white man hit a black man

What is the black and white movie in which a man has a watch that opens up and taps his wrist It also ends with a man getting in a vault and being lowered into the floor?

Our Man Flint starring James Coburn in a spoof of the James Bond movies.

Was J. C. Penney a Black Man?

= = = = J. C. Penny stands for James Cash Penny. He was a white man. You could read more about him on Wikipedia.