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More than likely he was not. He never knew his biological father. The name Young was given to him by his step-father who married John's mother after he was born

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Q: Was Loretta Young's real father John Earl Young an Arapaho native?
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What is an Arapaho?

An Arapaho is a member of the Arapaho people, a Native American people in Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Nebraska, as well as their native language, spoken by an estimated 1000 people in 2007.

Was Loretta Young's real father a native American?

Probably not. In pictures he looks white, but it is hard to tell because his biological father is unknown. He got his name from his step father who married his mother after John (Loretta's father) was born

Who is the Indian in nebraska that a town in Furnas County was named for his tribe?

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What are the Native American groups of Wyoming?

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Name four of the Indian nations of the Great Plains?

Native American tribes of the Blackfeet, Crow, Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Comanche and others.

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What are two of the native American tribes that were found in Colorado?

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