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No. Lincoln was never a Democrat. He was the first Republican President.

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Q: Was abraham lincoln the first democratic president?
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Who was the first bearded democratic president?

Abraham Lincoln

Which party was Abraham Lincoln the first president for?

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president.

Is it true or false that Abraham Lincoln affiliated himself in politics with the Democratic Party?

False, Abraham Lincoln was the nations first Republicanpresident, and President Lincoln affiliated himself with the Republican Party.

Who was the first Democratic nominee for President in 1860 that was nominated by the delegates who broke away from the Union?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was your first Republican President?

Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president in 1860.

Who was the first bearded President?

The first bearded president of the United States was Abraham Lincoln.

Who was president during Abraham Lincoln's first term as president?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during Abraham Lincoln's first term as president. He took over from James Buchanan, the 15th US President.

What was President Lincoln's first name?

President Lincoln's first name was Abraham.

Who was the first Republican president of the United States?

Abraham Lincoln was the first president who was a member of the modern Republican party. Some sources, particularly simplified charts, describe earlier presidents as being republican, but that was a different and not directly related party, which was formally called the Republican Democratic party. Thomas Jefferson, for example, is often cited as being the first Republican president, but he was, in fact, a Republican Democrat (which actually spawned a quasi-modern Democratic party).

Who was the tallest president and the first president to be assassinated?

Abraham Lincoln. He was assassinated in April 1865.

Who was first president to get assianted?

Abraham Lincoln

Who is the first president to be hated?

abraham lincoln