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Segregation was in all parts of the United States. Contrary to popular belief just because the North had cycled out slavery didn't mean they supported equality.

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Yes but only two or three states.

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Q: Was segregation used in the Northern States?
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Was segregation a law or a custom?

Segregation was such a strong custom that it was basically the unwritten law of the south. Other northern states slowly moved away after the 1890's. But, segreagation was never an actual law in states.

What specific place did segregation take place?

The segregation had took place in Spokane, the northern states had their own racial segregation. In Spokane African-Americans were well aware of the racial segregations.I do believe the segregation had took place in Spokane if you dont believe me go to google and see for yourself

What are the release dates for CBS Reports - 1959 Segregation Northern-Style?

CBS Reports - 1959 Segregation Northern-Style was released on: USA: 1964

An issue addressed by the gentlemens agreement between Japan an the US was?

d. Segregation of Japanese in United States schools.

What are the states without segregation laws?

There aren't any states with segregation laws any more.

What was true of northern?

Segregation was practiced even where it was not the law.

What was true of Northern cities?

Segregation was practiced even where it was not the law.

In which case was the Fourteenth Amendment used to overturn racial segregation in the states?

Brown v. Board of Education

Which of these does not describe the northern states?

They used slaves for cheap labor.

What has the author Alan Bond Wilson written?

Alan Bond Wilson has written: 'The consequences of segregation: academic achievement in a northern community' -- subject- s -: Segregation in education

Which was true of race relations in the north?

Although segregation was illegal, it was still practiced. Northern cities went by custom not by laws.

What was true about black neighborhoods under facto segregation in Northern cities?

There was a lack of public services.