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it was recovery to help rebuild and build new housing

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You tease

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Q: Was the Federal Housing Administration a relief recovery or a reform program?
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What program did the NIRA create?

National Recovery Administration (I think)

What was the name of Roosevelt reform program?

The National Recovery Administration was the name of President Roosevelt's reform program.

Does social security have section 8?

The Social Security Administration is a federal agency and section 8 is a federal program, the latter of which is administered through a federal agency known as the Housing Urban Development, commonly known as HUD, and is administered through, regional, or state housing authorities. HUD and Social Security Administration are two separate federal agencies and have no relationship with each other. HUD is a division of the United States Department of Agriculture, and Social Security administration is a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services. In summary, the answer is no.

This new deal program gave help to the poor and needy?

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration(FERA)

What is DE underwriting ?

A Direct Endorsement (DE) underwriter's basic responsibility is to review/certify mortgage loan origination documents for compliance with the requirements of the Federal Housing Administration's mortgage insurance program.

What was the name of Roosevelt's domestic program?

The National Recovery Administration was the name of President Roosevelt's reform program.

Which New Deal program employed people to build road public housing and sewers?

The Public Works Administration was the New Deal program that employed people to build roads, public housing, and sewers.

What is involved in section 8 housing in Suffolk County New York?

The section 8 program is a federal program albeit administered by state, regional, or local housing authorities.

Which program povided men and women with jobs such as raking leaves and picking up litter?

A) Federal Emergency Relief Administration B) Civil Works Association C) National Industry Recovery Act D) Civilian Conservation Corps

Which organization provides services such as the National Flood Insurance Program?

Federal Emergency Management Administration

What if Section 8 housing is needed immediately?

Generally speaking, there is no such thing as emergency housing assistance through the voucher program. By federal law every housing authority must establish uniform criteria for qualifications to the program. It cannot allow bypassing of the waiting list, due to fairness of the program.

I want to know how if theres any vacancy available in the housing authority program and where to apply.?

There are grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Devolopment, this is a federal program and have many different programs based on income and family size.