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No. The word pencil comes from theLatin word pencillus which means "little tail." The word pen is just a shortened version of the word pencil.

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Q: Was the pen named after William penn?
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Which state was named for William penn?

Pennsylvania was named for William Penn.

Which city did William pen name that means city of brotherly love?

William Penn named the city of Philadelphia, which translates to "brotherly love" in Greek.

How did penn state get its name?

Penn State is short for Pennsylvania State. It named after the state which is named after William Penn.

Who was Penn named after?

William Penn (son) founded Pennsylvania. King Charles II named the land Pennsylvania after William Penn's father, Admiral Sir William Penn, and himself. His last name is the first part of Pennsylvania.Pennsylvania was known as Penn's Woods or Penn's Forest. The first part "Penn" is for William Penn, and sylvania is the word for forest. So basically, it was "Penn's Forest."William Penn

Who named his colonys chief city Philadelphia?

William Penn did cause his last name is PENNWilliam Penn.

Who name Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods". It was named after William Penn.

Who named the New England colonies and who found them?

William penn and William penn duhh hoes

What state named after an English?

Pennsylvania is named after William Penn.

Who founded PA?

William Penn founded PA and sold land very cheaply and King Charles II named it after his father Admiral Sir William Penn. William Penn

When was Delaware founded by William Penn?

Delaware was founded in 1764 by an English sailor named William Penn. :(:):(:)

Did William penn have cars when he lived?

No, that is, if you're talking about the William Penn in which Pennsylvania is named after. If not, I can't help you.

What state was named after William penn?