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No. They were slaves

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Q: Were African Americans allowed to own guns after the Civil War?
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Why couldn't free African Americans own guns in the south before the civil war?

Because the South had African American Slaves, and they worried that Freed African Americans with guns might start a revolt, similar to Nat Turners rebellion which resulted in the deaths of a lot of people who kept slaves.

What kept confederate from enlisting African Americans?

There was no way the slave owners wanted a group of African Americans running around with guns!

What did Black codes restricted African Americans from?

Carrying Guns

Southern states established black codes immediately after the civil war what were they?

The Black Codes were passed to limit the freedoms of freed slaves. African Americans in Mississippi had to have written proof of employment. Anyone without such proof could be put to work on a plantation. African Americans were forbidden to meet in unsupervised groups or carry guns.

Guns in the US?

Yes, Americans have full rights to own and bear arms, its engraved in the U.S. Constitition.

Why did Texan settlers become easy targets for the Native Americans after the Civil War began?

The native Americans were given guns, so they could easily decimate settlers

With 46 of misinformed americans thinking we should control guns instead of criminals will we lose our guns before our government forces civil war?

I don't see a civil war happening over gun control. If there ever is a civil war, I am sure that it will happen before we lose all of our guns.

How did the african americans help the war effort in the north?

Because they ran on water at had guns to kill all the crackers.

What Continental Army commanders barred African Americans from enlisting in the military?

They thought that if they gave them guns and tought them how to fight they feared that they might revolt in the enslaved population. Robert Selig reflects on African Americans in the Continental Army. Island, and Connecticut agreed to again ban all blacks, free or enslaved, from their militias.

How did African Americans in the union army contribute to the war effort?

African Americans fought both on the front lines as soldiers and behind the scenes as labor workers. Former slaves played an important role in the North's victory.

In Canada what kinds of guns are shops allowed to carry for sale?

In Canada, the kinds of guns that shops are allowed to carry for sale are only hand guns and semi-automatic guns. Fully automatic guns are not allowed to be sold.

Where can you buy lanard guns?

guns?? I don't even think your allowed guns!