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(Apex Learning) To teach people specific trade skills.

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Q: What is the primary goal of educational apprenticeships, as opposed to schooling?
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Is the British educational system different from the US educational system?

Yes. The British system consists of primary school, secondary school, college and university. The American system consists of elementary school, middle school, high school and college or university. Additionally, the British (or at least English) system has A Levels and/or GCSEs while the US has APs and IBs. In Britain, school years are 'forms', but in the US they are 'grades'. A 'class' in the US is a 'module' in Britain. Also, the US system grades in 'points' while the British system uses 'marks'.

Is a firsthand account a primary source?

Yes, a first-hand account is a primary source.Whether or not it's a quality source is another matter, but it is a primary source.

What is a seed colony?

I found this: "A seed colony is a 2500-person strong, government-authorized colony (as opposed to illegal, "wildcat" colonies) whose primary mission is to settle on a new planet, survive the first few years there, and prepare the way for the next, much larger wave of colonists." at Hope it helps.

How might the use of an artifact as a primary source compare with the use of a written primary source?

The use of an artifact as a primary source is different than the use of a written primary source because when you exacavate for an artifact, you may have to make guesses. However, with a written primary source, you don't need to guess as the writing inside will have the answers to your questions or guesses.

What was the primary motive for writing the Constitution according to John P Roche?

He believes that the primary motivation for writing the constitution was political.

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Do all children have to go to primary school in Poland?

Yes. Primary schooling in Poland is compulsory.

Which was the primary nation that opposed the Allies?


What is a grecian educational level?

A Grecian educational level refers to the educational system in Greece. It follows a structure of pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Higher education in Greece includes universities and technological educational institutes.

Why The primary focus of educational psychology is to?

The primary focus of educational psychology is to study how people learn and develop in educational settings. This field explores factors that influence learning, including motivation, intelligence, effective teaching strategies, and student diversity. By understanding these factors, educational psychologists aim to improve educational practices and outcomes.

What is the new educational system on UBE?

The UBE, or Universal Basic Education, is an educational system that encompasses the first nine years of schooling - typically covering primary and junior secondary education. It aims to provide a basic quality education for all children, focusing on foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, and other key subjects. The UBE system often includes a standardized curriculum, assessment, and teacher training to ensure consistent educational standards.

Who is the present primary educational minister of India?

kapil sibal

What school did Magritte go to?

Primary schooling at Lessines, art education in the Art Academy of Brussels.

What website will give you educational games?

You can go on funbrain or primary games.

What schooling is before middle school?

You can call it either elementary school or primary school.

Kind of educational program made by the Spaniards towards the Filipino natives?

The Spaniards made an educational program for Filipino natives where primary education was compulsory.

Would children go to school in Trinidad and tobago?

Yes, children attend primary, secondary and tertiary level schooling.

what are principles and practices of storage and retrival of educational media for the primary school level?