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Apex : they joined the northern forces in great numbers

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They joined the Northern forces in great numbers.

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Q: What was true about african americans during the war?
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Is it true that Vietnamese soldiers didn't aim for African Americans during the Vietnamese war?

Not True

Is it true African Americans who worked in noncombat positions during the war were called WAC's?

no not true

What statement about African Americans during civil war was true?

They enlisted in the Union Army

What was going on with African Americans doing during the civil war?

the african americans were still in slavery during the civil war

What is true about women and African Americans during the Civil War?

they helped the war efforts in many different ways- or they were enlisted in the Union Army :)

What were African Americans opportunities during the war?

war work..............

Many african americans during world war 1?

There are more than 350,000 African Americans!

Why did some african americans fight during the revolutionary war?

some African Americans fought during the revolutionary war so the could get freedom from there British owner

Why did African-Americans fight during the war?


What was true about African Americans during the US Civil War?

WikiAnswers requires greater detail for your question to be answerable. Please put it into context by stating which war.

What did African-Americans do during the war?

Most African Americans joined the British, because the British offered them freedom.

What did the African Americans do during the war?

They were spies and joined the army.