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There are four, plus one that actually describes the land on each side of water:





and Nebraska

Connecticut is from one of the Algonquian languages (perhaps Pocumtuc or Wappinger) meaning "at the long river or body of water".

Mississipi is also an Algonguian term; the first element is michi (great) and the second is sipi (water).

Michigan is yet another Algonquian name, this time michi (great) plus goomi (lake).

Ohio may be an Iroquoian word for a large river.

Nebraska looks like it ought to mean "flat water" in one of the Siouan languages (perhaps Oto ni bthaska); it actually refers to water running through a flat landscape, which anyone following the course of the Platte river will see makes good sense.

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Q: What 5 Native American state names describe water?
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