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Q: What African-American journalist began crusading for racial justice after the lynching of three friends?
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Who was Ida b wells?

Ida Bell (B) Wells was born on July 16th, 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. After the unfair lynching of three of her friends, she became a crusader against lynching and unfairness towards African-Americans. As a journalist, Wells wrote many articles concerning lynching and African-American rights. She was also one of the founders of NAACP and wrote Southern Horrors: Lynch Law and All Its Phases. ====== ======

Who led an anti lynching campaign?

Ida B. Wells led an anti-lynching campaign after three of her friends were lynched. She owned two newspaper, Free Speech and Headlight, and she condemned the lynchings in them.

Who led an anti-lynching campaign?

Ida B. Wells led a campaign against lynching.

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