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Hair straightening using a hot comb or relaxer has a long history among women & men of African descent, reflected in the huge commercial success of the straightening comb popularized by Madam C. J. Walker in the early 1900s.

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African-American hair was not invented.

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Madame C .J. Walker

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Q: What African Americans invented the hair perm?
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How did madam cj walker become the first female african american millionare?

she invented the first hair relaxer 'perm' for African Americans

Who invented the hair perm?

madam jasmine invented the hair perm in 1365! wow that was a long long time ago!

What kind of mild perm can you use African American?

i haven't had a perm in 10 years. Would Like a mild perm for a African American hair.

How can Black African American remove a perm from hair?

You can't remove a perm. You have to wait for your hair to grow all the way out, or you have to shave your head.

Was madam CJ walker the first person to make a perm?

Madam C. J. Walker did not manufacture chemical perms. One of the first people to develop a perm for African Americans was Garrett Morgan, who also invented the gas mask and the traffic light. He founded the G.A. Morgan Hair Refining Company.

Is it better to perm then dye or dye then perm African American hair?

it is better to perm the hair then dye because the chemicals in the relaxer will strip the hair of color. This increases the risk of your hair color being lighter than you desired.

What does a perm do for African American hair?

if by perm you mean to relax it; it chemically straightens it

Can you put pink oil on your hair before a perm?

pink oil is usally used for curly African American hair so theirs really no need for a perm

Can you use perm to get soft hair?

No, you use it to CURL your hair.

Is it good for black women to perm their hair?

Don't call African people "BLACK"... ! yes they can if they want....

How long does a perm stay in?

A perm is permanent. It doesn't matter about the straightness of your hair. A perm breaks down the bonds in the hair that make it straight. The perm will last until your hair grows out.

Do you perm your scalp when you get a perm?

no, just the hair.