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The Osage tribe.

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The Osage

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Q: What American Indian tribe is represented by the shield that is on the oklahoma flag?
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100 Kg

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The first year the Indian head cent was minted was 1859. In 1859, on the reverse, there is no shield, but all the other years have a shield.

What are Indian head pennies?

Indian head cents were minted from 1859 to 1909. The front side had a picture of Miss Liberty wearing a Native American headdress and the back side had a shield and wreath with the words ONE CENT.

Where creek Indian women warriors?

No the women weren’t warriors. The Vikings did have women called shield maidens who did fight, but Native American women generally didn’t fight.

What is the value of an Indian head penny with no shield?

1859 was the only year that Indian Head cents didn't have a shield as part of the reverse design; there's more information at the Related Question.

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Paul Williams invented the Portable Shield for Infantry.

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What is Oklahoma's state flag?

The Oklahoma state flag has an Osage shield on it with seven eagle feathers. Superimposed on this are a peace pipe and an olive branch. The field is blue. There is a link below to an article with a picture of the flag.

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