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they are HuHu,ratiune, Uniqiewa

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Q: What American Indian tribes were present in Indiana before it became a state?
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What does it mean by a red Indian?

It was a term often used before the hyphenated term American-Indian or the term Native American became popular. A red Indian was a North American Native.

Who is the American Indian by the name of Sarah who became an activist and reformer for Indian Rights?

Sarah Winnemucca

The summary when Indiana became a state?

the summary when Indiana became a state the summary when Indiana became a state

Did Illinois become a state after or before Indiana or at the same time?

Indiana became the 19th State in 1816 and Illinois became the 21st State in 1818.

How the red Indians became Native Americans?

One has to wonder why anyone still refers to the American Indian as "red". Beyond that Native American is just a politically correct (in some people's eyes) name for the American Indian.

When did Indiana become a territory?

indiana became a state in 2013

Were there any Indian tribes at Massachusetts?

There were many Native American Tribes in the land that became Massachusetts. They included:AgawamNipmuckWampanoagMassachusettNarragansettNashawayNaumkeagNausetPaometPatuxetPennacookPocomtucPomkapoagSucconet

What was the state capitol of Indiana before Indianaplis?

The first capital of Indiana was Vincennes, but that was only the capital when Indiana was a territory. The second capital was Corydon, and that city was the capital when Indiana became a state. After that, the capital became Indianapolis.

What is the overall importance of the cumberland gap in American history?

It became a large water system for Indian's westward movement.

How did Indiana became a state?


In the late 1960s Native Americans organized into groups to protect their rights. what are These groups became known as?

American Indian Movement

The Indian territory between Texas and Kansas where the American Indians were placed later became known by which name?

Oklahoma Territory