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Dorothea Dix

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Q: What Boston teacher campaigned for the mentally ill?
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Who worked for better treatment of criminals and the mentally ill?

Dorothea Dix crusaded for humane treatment on the mentally ill. She began her work for the mentally ill in 1841.

How did the reformers change the treatment of the mentally ill and prisoners?

The reformers change the treatment of the mentally ill and prisoners by Dorothea Dix , in her efforts on behalf of the mentally ill -emphasized the idea of rehabilitation, treatment that might reform the sick or imprisoned person to a useful position in society. There was, as revivalists suggested, hope for everyone.

Was Dorothea Dix an abolitionist?

Dorothea Dix was personally not a huge fan of the anti-slavery movements occurring during the 'era of the Lyceum'. Since she traveled through all of the states to make reforms to mental institutions, she had to remain somewhat neutral, for if she was labeled as an abolitionist, the southern states would have refused to hear what she had to say--and the reform of mental institutions may have been hopeless in the south. When asked however, Dix would say she was more pro-slavery than anti-slavery. She made a comment of how she did not approve of Lincoln's Anti-slavery attitude. Dix found the black population fascinating, studying them for psychology, but did not feel very strongly towards either side of the argument. When she was a teacher, she did not see the need in discussing the morality of slavery with her students, she just accepted it as a natural way of life. The focus of her life and career will forever be the mentally ill, while she did not feel too strongly about the 'issue' of slavery.

What event led to the practice of government assisting the ill and the neglected?

The Great Depression led to the government creating social programs that assisted the ill and neglected. The creation of these social programs were called the New Deal.

When did W.E.B DuBois die?

He got REALLY,REALLY ill:(poor boy!

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When was Artistry of the Mentally Ill created?

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Persons who crusaded for humane treatment of the mentally ill waswere?

Dorthea Dix was a very influential crusader for humane treatment of the mentally ill. She became a champion for the treatment of the mentally ill when she visited a jail and was appalled at the conditions the mentally ill women suffered.

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Traditional psychiatric treatment is the best for the mentally ill.?

Traditional psychiatric treatment is the best for the mentally ill.

Why did Dorothea Dix get involved with prison reform?

Dorthea Dix campaigned to improve the treatment of prisoners and the mentally ill. She began her campaign because she was distressed to see the prisoners in such bad shape. Through her work special mental hospitals were built.

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