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In 1958 Congress approved what came to be called the Eisenhower Doctrine, a resolution that promised to extend economic and military aid to Middle East nations. or internationalism

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Q: What Doctrine promised to extend aid to Middle Eastern Nations to assist in case of any aggression by communist nations?
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What was issued by the U.S. government in response to Soviet aggression in Eastern Europe?

The Truman Doctrine

The Eisenhower Doctrine supported?

The Eisenhower Doctrine allowed Middle Eastern countries being threatened by foreign aggression to seek military assistance from the United States. Eisenhower singled out Soviet aggression in the document and called for the territorial integrity and political independence of these nations.

What was the Brezhnev doctrine asserted that the Soviet Union would?

Interfere in Eastern European nations to preserve communist rule

What was the doctrine of containment?

The doctrine of containment was a U.S. policy to prevent the spread of communism. It was made in response to the Soviet Union's moves to enlarge communist presence in Eastern Europe.

Id the Eastern world was communist what was the Western world?

The Weastern world was capitlism, if the Eastern world was communist. This is correct.

What country was not an eastern European nation under communist?

Italy and France was not an Eastern European nation that was under communist control

What were the results of the eisenhower doctrine?

The Eisenhower Doctrine was a speech by President Eisenhower that declared that the US would give aid to any Middle Eastern country that asked for help fighting off communist attack or uprising. As a result, the US sent troops and diplomats to Lebanon to quell the fighting there at the request of their president.

Which were the two most populous communist nations in Eastern Europe by 1950?

The two most populous Eastern European communist nations in 1950 were the Soviet Union and Poland.The two most populated Eastern European communist nations in the 1950s were the Soviet Union and Poland.

Was not an Eastern nation under Communist control?


Was not an eastern European nation under Communist?


What did the Soviet Union do when Germany attacked Poland in 1939?

The Soviet Union had a non-aggression pact with Germany so they took over the eastern part of Poland, partly to keep an anti-communist government, as Germany was, as far from the Russian border as possible.

What state was not an Eastern European nation under communist controls?

Italy and france was not an Eastern European nation that was under communist control