What Indians live in teepes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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blackfoot Indians

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Q: What Indians live in teepes?
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What kind of houses did Serrano Indians live in?


What houses did the Shoshone Indians live in?

The Shoshone natives lived in teepes

Why don't Iroquois Indians live in tepees?

Iroquois Indians don't live in teepes because they have permanent residence which are called long houses

What kind of Houses did the Apaches live in?

they live in teepes

Why did the hopi indanies live in teepes?

they dident

What is the lakota Sioux house called?

They live in teepes

What did the native Americans of the great plains live in?


How did the comache Indians make their tepees?

They make their teepes from sticks and burch trees and buffalo hide.

What tribe travled with teepes?

Mostly the Plains Indians because they followed the buffalo game for food.

What house did the shoshone live in?

The Shoshone natives lived in teepes

Where did shoshone Indians live?

The Shoshone Indians occupied territory in California, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho- but a majority of them lived in Idaho. They lived in houses of sticks and bull hide called tepees. References:

What did the Sioux live in?

the Sioux lived in teepes made of buffalo skin.