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Benito Juarez (1806-1872) qualifies as such. He was the first Mexican leader who did not have a military background, and also the first full-blooded indigenous national (he was a Zapotec Amerindian) to serve as President of Mexico and to lead a country in the Western Hemisphere in over 300 years.

He served five terms as president of Mexico: 1858-1861 as interim, 1861-1865, 1865-1867, 1867-1871 and 1871-1872.

For resisting the French occupation, overthrowing the Empire, and restoring the Republic, as well as for his efforts to modernize the country, Juarez is often regarded as Mexico's greatest and most beloved leader.

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Benito Juarez

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Q: What Mexican president was a Zapotec indiAN?
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Is Benito Juarez Indian?

No. He was a Mexican of Native American ancestry; especifically, he was of Zapotec origin.

What is the Mexican Indian word for snow?

There's no such language as Mexican Indian. Mexico recognizes 63 Amerindian languages, including Nahuatl, Yucatec Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, Tzeltal Maya, Tzotzil Maya and Otomi.

What is the name of a Zapotec Indian president of Mexico?

Benito Juarez (1806-1872)

First Mexican president of Indian heritage?

Benito Juarez :)

Is Mexican an ethnic group?

No. "Mexican" is a nationality, which spans a diverse group of ethnic groups, such as mestizo, Mayan, Zapotec or Nahuatl.

What city is pronounced wahocka in Mexico?

It was not Aztec, but Zapotec. It is known as Oaxaca, and is the current capital of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, on the Mexican southern Pacific coast.

What is the national hero in Mexico?

Several of them would qualify, but the two most renowned include Miguel Hidalgo (1753-1811) who is the starter of the revolt that escalated into the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821) against Spain, and Benito Juarez (1806-1872), a Zapotec indian who climbed the social ladder to become president of Mexico for several terms, resisted the Second Franco Mexican War (1861-1867), and helped modernize the country -- for instance, by separating the church from the state.

What is the value of one Mexican peso with one Indian rupee?

One Mexican peso is worth 3.55 Indian rupees. (Oct 2009)

What does nayeli mean in spanish?

Nayeli is not Spanish. It is a Zapotec (native Mexican tribe) phrase meaning "I love you." "I love you" in Spanish is "Te amo".

What are the Indian tribes in Mexico in the 1940's?

By 1940 there were very few indigenous tribes in Mexico; most of them were already part of the Mexican society. However, people of Native American descent were many, including in order of population: Nahuatl, Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Otomi or Totnac.

What does a juarista mean in English?

A Juarista was a follower and/or supporter of Benito Juárez, a Mexican lawyer and politician of Zapotec origin from Oaxaca who served five terms as president of Mexico 1858-1861 as interim, then 1861-1872 as constitutional president. He resisted the French occupation of Mexico, and as a result attracted many revolutionaries that supported the cause.

What role is the president of India differ from the president of the US president and the president of Mexico?

The Indian presidency is a mainly ceremonial office that is supposed to be fairly nonpartisan. The U.S. and Mexican presidencies lead the government and are actively involved in day-to-day politics.