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Equal Rights Amendment

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Q: What Proposed amendment caused questions when states revoked their ratification?
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Who revoked the charter of Massachusetts and declared it a royal colony?

It was King Philip the 3rd and he got mad afterwards and killed many people! Im not sure but I think it was King Charles II, he revoked it in 1684.

What does the word repealud mean?

You may mean 'repealed' which means revoked, rescinded, etc. something cancelled.

What happened between the Native Americans and the English settlers after Lord De La Warr arrived in 1610?

The Native Americans and the English settlers after Lord De La Warr arrived in 1610 negatively affected relations. The hopes of an alliance between the Powhatan and the Virginia settlers was revoked.

What hasten the US in to world war 1?

Really it was because they didn't want to lose control of there already AWESOME nation. The president at the time, which I can't remember, ordered a secretive operation to take place, but was revoked. So the U.S. brought in their ARMY, also, the Air Force was part of the army at this time, to help fight along with the U>K> and the NATO,(North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Who appointed William Marbury as a justice of the peace?

Federalist President John Adams hastily appointed 42 justices of the peace to new judicial positions Congress created in the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801. These men became known as the Midnight Judges, because the Act passed just a few days before the end of Adams' administration, and Adams hastily nominated members of the Federalist party for all the positions.For more information on Marbury v. Madison, (1803), see Related Questions, below.

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This proposed amendment caused questions when states revoked their ratification.?

Equal Rights Amendment

Equal rights amendment caused questions because?

the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) sparked debate and questions due to concerns about its potential impact on existing gender-related laws and societal norms. Some critics worried that the ERA could lead to unintended consequences, such as affecting certain legal protections based on gender or potentially changing traditional family dynamics. This uncertainty and differing interpretations of the ERA contributed to ongoing discussions around its ratification and implementation.

Which Amendment revoked the Eighteenth Amendment?

The 21st

What is it called when an amendment to the constitution is changed?

Amendments cannot be changed. They can be superceded by another amendment, or repealed (revoked) by another amendment.

Which previous amendment was revoked by the 21 amendment?

The 21st repealed the 18th amendment, or Prohibition, in 1933 under FDR's administration.

Which amendments Reinstated alcoholic beverages as legal?

The 21st Amendment revoked the 18th Amendment, which created National Prohibition in the United States.

If the 21st amendment eliminates this?

The 21st Amendment revoked the 18th Amendment- which outlawed the sale of alcoholic beverages. This was known as Prohibition. 21st made sale legal again.

What revoked southern blacks civil rights?

14th amendment novanet- local and state laws

How is the 4 amendment relevant to today?

It is no longer valid since George W Bush revoked the constitution in September 2001

Can a pardon be revoked?

no once a pardon is granted noone in any office can ask any questions whats done is done

Can you have a license in Georgia if your NC drivers license is revoked?

No. You will have to resolve the suspension issues in IL before you can apply for a license in ANY state. On the application you would fill out in GA are the questions asking if you have ever had a license in another state & has that license ever been suspended/revoked. If you answer truthfully, you will be automatically denied. If you lie & say no to both questions, you have committed a criminal offense & could go to jail for fraud, falsifying a legal document or other charges. Regardless of how you answer those questions, GA will run a license history on you to see if you have had a license before & the status.

Can a UK passport be revoked?

Yes it can be revoked.