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the united states brung up the convoy system, then they got involved

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There are a number of acts that have taken the United States of American into war. Inequality acts and alliances for example took the US into war.

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Q: What acts brought the US into war?
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What do the uss Maine and the lusitania have in common?

Both ships were the catalyst that brought the US into war. The sinking of the USS Maine brought us into the Spanish American War. And the Lusitania brought us into World War 1.

What factors brought the US brought into World War 1?

I really don't know

Who brought out the us from of the Great Depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and World War II brought us out of the Great Depression.

What war brought the US out of the great depression?

it was brought out by world war II, but most people want to think the war just made the depression worse.

What event brought the U.S into the war?

The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor brought us into WWII

What the us brought to WW1?

The US brought many drafted men and supplies to help the allies. We won the war shortly after starting there.

What people brought the US into World War 2?

The Japanese

What was the incident that brought the US into world war 2?

The thing that brought us into the war was Pearl Harbor. A Jap attack on the US naval base of Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiin island of Oahu on December/7th/1941.

What illegal war acts did the US and Vietnam do in the Vietnam war?

The US tested napalm, bombs and chemical weapons on the Vietnam civilians.

The US passed what acts throughout the 1930s in an attempt to keep America out of any foreign war?

neutrality acts

Why did the president brought the us into the Korea war?

to try to contain Communism

What brought the US formally into world war 2?