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There was no room aboard the mayflower for cattle or other livestock but at least 2 dogs sailed with the pilgrims. a mastiff & a spaniel.

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Q: What animals did the pilgrims have?
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What kind of animals did the pilgrims have?

Ligers and heffalumps

What animals were common to pilgrims region?

There were quite a few animals that were common to pilgrims region. Some of these animals include turkey, water fowl, heath hen, eel and white-tailed deer among others.

Why did the pilgrims and wampanoag celebrate?

# The pilgrims and Wampanoag people celebrated because they were thankful for the food (corn and animals) they harvested and hunted.

What animals were around where the Pilgrims first settled?

chease puff monsters

What food did the pilgrims bring to the new world?

spices, vegetables, animals

How many animals were sacrificed in Eid-ul-Adha of the year 2009?

The animals that were sacrificed on Eid-ul-Adha of year 2009, by the pilgrims and non pilgrims, were not less than 4 millions. All these sacrificed animals were distributed on poor people and poor countries.

List three farm animals that the pilgrims had at Plymouth?

chicken pig goat

What kind of farm animals did the pilgrims have to feed?

fish lamb deer bread water

What animals provided meat at the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving?

Fowls, deer, lobster and possibly other animals provided meat at the first Thanksgiving.

What was the first animal the pilgrims saw in the Americas?

The first animals the Pilgrims would have seen in the Americas were birds. Seeing birds let the people on the ship know that they were getting near land.

What did the pilgrims help the wampanoags with?

They taught them how to fish hunt for wild animals gather plants, and plant and harvest crops and foods.

Did pilgrims eat cougar?

It is unlikely that pilgrims ate cougar as it was not a common practice during that time period. Pilgrims primarily relied on hunting and fishing for their food, with deer and other game animals being more common sources of meat. Cougars would have been less accessible and less commonly hunted by the pilgrims.