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I don't know, sorry. I have a stupid project about Connecticut, and the animals in colonial times.

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Well, they raised pigs, cows, chickens, etc.

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Q: What animals lived in colonial Connecticut?
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Who lived in colonial Connecticut in the 1740's?

the dutch and the swedish tom hooker was the founder of the colony of connecticut

What ethnic groups lived in colonial connecticut?

Englishmen from Massachusetts.

Were there slaves in colonial Connecticut?

Yes, there were slaves in colonial Connecticut.

What type animals lived in colonial Georgia?

birds, fish + more

What type of colonial government does Connecticut have?

The Connecticut Colonies had Self government.

Where was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded in colonial times. The founding location was near what is today known as the Connecticut river.

What wasthe population of colonial Connecticut?


What was Connecticut's colonial cash crop?


What colonial region is Connecticut in?

New England

What was the capital of colonial Connecticut?

New Hartford

How was the founder of colonial Connecticut?

Tomas Hooker

Who did Connecticut trade with in colonial times?