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Examples of pioneer groups who used cooperation to overcome hardship are the Native Americans and Kentucky Pioneers.

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Q: What are 2 examples of pioneer groups who used cooperation to overcome hardship?
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What must pioneer species overcome?

they must over come having babies and pooping

Mariner pioneer viking and voyage are examples of?

space probes

What are two examples of probes?

Voyager 1 & 2, Pioneer probes

Which of these examples describes a pioneer species that is starting primary succession?

One example of a pioneer species starting primary succession is lichen. Lichen can colonize bare rock surfaces and begin the process of soil formation by breaking down the rock into smaller particles, paving the way for other plants to establish and grow in the area.

What hardship did the pioneer women faced?

they faced alot of snakes and alot of them died Wild animals were one cause of death for pioneer women, but the main causes of death for them were childbirth and fires. Taking care of the family (raising the kids, working in the garden, cooking, sewing) was their job, and it had its hardships.

What is more complex than a pioneer community?

A developed society with intricate social structures, advanced technology, and a complex economy is more complex than a pioneer community. It would involve interconnected systems and institutions that require coordination and cooperation among its members.

What are some examples of pioneer species?

Some examples of pioneer species include mosses, lichens, and certain grasses. These species are the first to colonize barren or disturbed areas, helping to establish soil and create habitat for other plant species to follow.

What did carpenters do in pioneer times?

what did a pioneer carpenter do in the pioneer time

What is Organism that is the first to live in a previously uninhabited area?

Pioneer species are the first organisms to colonize a previously uninhabited area. These species are able to establish themselves in harsh conditions and pave the way for more complex ecosystems to develop over time. Examples of pioneer species include lichens and certain types of bacteria.

How many Pioneer Probes are there?

There are two, Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11.

What are examples of migration and immagration in early America land religion money pioneer spirit indetured servitude displacement and slavery?

they left for FASHION ECONOMY

What different connotations do the terms adventurer traveler wayfarer and pioneer have?

The terms 'adventurer,' 'traveler,' 'wayfarer,' and 'pioneer' may be defined similarly as 'one who takes journeys.' Where this common denotation holds, however, connotations may widely differ. For example, the first may connote 'exciting journeying'; the second, 'ordinary journeying'; the third, 'hardship-filled or at least extensive journeying'; and the fourth, 'ground-breaking journeying.'