What are Yurok houses called?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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the yuroks house was made out of redwood trees

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it is called CHUTARD

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Q: What are Yurok houses called?
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What houses did the yurok indians make?

they made plank houses

What native American Indians lived in plank houses?


What tribes lived in cedar plank houses?

The Yurok of Northern California.

What tribe lived in plank houses?

The Tlingit people group.

How did yurok tribe use to make their houses?

They made them by saying I'm high

What kind of house did the Yurok live in?

in rectangle houses

What tools did the yurok Indians use to make houses?

they used mudbricks, sand, clay

What type of shelter did the Yurok Indian have?

The Yurok Indians were the original inhabitants of Northern California. They lived in lived in rectangular redwood-plank houses with chimneys and pitched roofs.

Where does the Yurok live?

The Yurok Indians live in the Pacific Northwest, up the klamath river, in a town called klamath.

Why are the yurok Indians called by there name?

cuz they are dumb

What do yurok houses look like?

they looked like a medium-sized house built out of wood,animal skin, and rock

Were the Yurok Indians hunters?

The Yurok tribes were hunter/gatherers.