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bufflo,turtles,jack rabbits, deer,birds,fish,wild turkeys,fish,small animals

sheep,massa,coyotes,horses,and elk

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The Navajo were mainly farmers, so there was no mainly important animal.

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Q: What are animals that are important to the hopi tribe?
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What beliefs did the Hopi tribe have?

to depend on the animals

What were important to the Hopi Tribe?

Their traddition

What is the most important plant in the hopi tribe?

Corn was the most important food plant.

What were the customs and traditions of the hopi tribe?

one of the traditions of the hopi tribe is the hopi butterfly dance.

What did Hopi tribe live in?

The Hopi tribe lived in adobe houses

How did the Hopi tribe travel?


How did the hopi worship and who the important men in the tribe?

they told stories where they used to live

What animals are in the hopi tribe area?

Deer, Sheep, massa, coyotes, horses, jack rabbit.

What is the Hopi tribe?


What does hopi mean in Hebrew?

"Hopi" has no meaning in Hebrew. It only has meaning in the Hopílavayi language of the Hopi tribe of Arizona.

What American Indian tribe was very religious?

The Hopi

A tribe of hunters?

the hopi