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ginny, wop

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Q: What are derogatory words for Italian people?
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What are derogatory words for men?

derogatory words for men

What is 'frocio' when translated from English to Italian?

Frocio in Italian is a derogatory term for a homosexual and translates on par with "fag" in English.

What does ole fay mean?

The words Ole Fay refer to a white person in a derogatory manner. This is the same as saying "cracker" or another derogatory term toward white people.

What are some slang words for people with a learning disability?

This answer would be derogatory, so we won't put any insult words down. You should call them people.

What is the name to write derogatory words about a patient?


What does putina mean?

The meaning of putana is a derogatory word for a woman or girl of Italian origin, such as slut or prostitute

What do other Italian-Americans call a man who marries and takes care of a woman with another man's children--derogatory Italian slang term?

Il cornuto?

Is Italian popular language in the world?

I don't think languages can be popular,but many people use words from the Italian language in their daily lives. Many words dealing with music, like: piano, suprano, tempo, and alto. Many people do know about the Italian language and Italian people, and they try to copy them, or learn their language.

Where did the word wop originate?

It is a derogatory term for an Italian adopted into American English slang soon after 1900. It may come from a Southern Italian dialect "Guappo" meaning a dandy

What is a camel jockey?

It is a derogatory term for Arab people.

What is a derogatory name for a capitalist?

In truth, there aren't many derogatory names for a capitalist, because so many people think that "capitalist" itself is derogatory. The only one that comes to mind for me is: robber baron

What is a derogatory name for a dog?

A name is only derogatory if you think it is so. Some people call dogs mutts or mongrels in an attempt to be insulting.