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Well, I wouldn't say his childhood was particularly pleasant. His brother, Thomas, had died when he was an infant and his family moved to Indiana when Abraham was seven. When Abraham was nine, his mother died from Milk Sickness. Milk Sickness is poisoning by milk from cows that have grazed on the White snakeroot. His father remarried the next year and Abraham loved his new stepmother. As he grew up, he enjoyed reading and writing more than working out in the fields, but he did not have any books of his own nor access to a library. He had about one year of schooling when a traveling schoolmaster would come into the area. Once he got old enough to work, his father put him to work, either at homr or by hiring him out to a neighbor. He did not like his father much.

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He was a virgin

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Q: What are facts about abraham lincoln's childhood?
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