What are juvenile penitentiaries?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A prison or jail for minors

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Q: What are juvenile penitentiaries?
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Is it true that Penitentiaries are used at the federal level while prisons exist at the state level?

Penitentiaries are used at the federal leve

In the 1880 censuswhat percent of people in penitentiaries had sentences of over one year?

In the 1880 census, approximately 80% of people in penitentiaries had sentences of over one year.

What decade is noted for the founding of penitentiaries and asylums for the deaf and blind?


Can people in jail smoke weed?

Not legally. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited in American penitentiaries.

Can you earn good time if you are in prison for murder in the state of Texas?

Yes, You get two for one in the State of Texas in 1963. Good time law Changes so find out the year you want the good time you need. Now they are getting much more good time on there sentences. Please look it up in the Texas Civil Statutes under Penitentiaries or the Government Code under Penitentiaries. In 1963 they discharge there sentences. Then the next few years they mandatory supervision you to parole. Get the year you want then research it in the Government Code under "Penitentiaries."

What is Prison corressional?

A correctional facility is a euphemism term for a prison. However, many states have what are known as penitentiaries and correctional facilities. Penitentiaries are likely going to house those who are convicted and sentenced to life or are awaiting the death penalty. Correctional facilities, on the other hand, are geared toward preparing the person to be released eventually.

What part of speech is juvenile?

Juvenile can be used as an adjective (juvenile crimes) and a noun (a juvenile).

Roughly how many addicts are arrested every year?

22 billion people a year are sent to state penitentiaries for possession of drugs.

What does Open Juvenile mean?

"Open Juvenile" is short for an open juvenile court case.

What has the author Don Bernard written?

Don Bernard has written: 'Juvenile delinquency' -- subject(s): Administration of Juvenile justice, Juvenile delinquency, Juvenile detention, Juvenile detention homes, Prevention

In what sport do you have springer and stayer and juvenile?


When was The Juvenile created?

The Juvenile was created in 2002.