What are men expectations?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To be good to thier family ,to be good to thier friends and clean the house. Most of all they should be, having to buy groceries.They should be taking thier family and friends to the movies and other stuff that is fun, like buying thier chindren gifts for Christmas and games.

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Q: What are men expectations?
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What are the expectations of men in Australia?


Society's expectations of how men and women are expected to behave is known as?

Gender roles :D

In the book great expectations how much money did Pip owe the men?

Pip owed the men 23 pounds, 14 shilling, and six pence.

What expectations do men have in relationships today?

Men today may expect mutual respect, open communication, emotional support, and partnership in their relationships. They may also desire shared responsibilities, trust, and a deep emotional connection with their partner. Overall, expectations can vary greatly from person to person.

What does the group of men and Pip do after the sergeant appears in Great Expectations?

After the sergeant appears in Great Expectations, the group of men and Pip follows him to try to capture two convicts who have escaped from the prison ship. They navigate the marshes in pursuit of the convicts, leading to a tense and dramatic encounter.

What are the social expectations of men in American Society today?

The social expectations of men in America are the very expectations that an American man expects of himself. All cultural expectations are integrated into individuals as they grow and develop within their culture. Some expectations are commonly known, while others are deeply embedded within a person's subconscious thoughts. Many American men feel as though making money is an important social expectation. Also considered important is masculinity, athleticism, and heterosexuality. Not all men will fit the American social norm. Therefore, it is important to recognize that social expectations are not necessarily good and they do not necessarily value a man's character and self worth. Knowing this allows a person to more constructively evaluate oneself. While it is probably impossible to completely disregard social expectations, knowledge and education can allow a person to consider social expectations relative to their true importance.

Why are women generally looking for older men Is it because they don't trust younger men or they just wouldn't expect them to be mature enough?

I think that it is because older men generally know what they want out of life and what their goals and expectations are. Younger men do not. Women want men that know where the relationship is going.

Mens opinions on women fighting in World War 2?

It was forbidon. Only men were to go fight. Women had other expectations and responsibillies.

Why do men only like girls who've developed?

Guys have higher expectations. This means they like all a woman has. They want higher things for themselves.

What were the expectations of the justices of the supreme court in the roe v wade?

That being educated and God fearing men . They should have unanimously voted against such an astrocity.

How does Mulan demonstrate the expectations for women in ancient china?

- Women are expected to get married - Women are expected to have children especially boys to be an army - Women are expected to keep quiet when men are around and they are not allowed to interrupt them when men are having a conversation

How do you use reveal and expectations in a sentence?

Just reveal your expectations and we can get started.