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The only other phrase that is used in conjunction with the Jazz Age is the Roaring Twenties. Both of them occurred in the 1920s with jazz originating in New Orleans. F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the phrase.

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Q: What are other names for jazz age?
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What are other names for the roaring twenties?

Jazz Age Decade of gold

What are other names for the 1920?

The Roaring '20s, the Flapper Era, the Jazz Age

What was another name for the Harlem rennaissance?

Some other names for the Harlem Renaissance would be the "New Negro Movement" and the "Jazz age."

How does this title the roaring twenties fit with the great depression?

The 1920s was called various names such as "The Jazz Age," the Age of Intolerance," and the "Age of Nonsense."

What is another name for the roaring twenties?

The Jazz Age- Apex

Does the salsa dance have any other names?

Yes. It is also known as latin jazz or Jazz Latino (en espanol)

What were the conflicts of the jazz age?

What were the most important conflicts of the "Jazz Age

What are some 1920 nick names?

Nicknames for the decade of the 1920s include The Roaring 20s, The Jazz Age or The Prohibition Era.

Why was 1920s called the Jazz age?

It relates to Jazz Music which sybolically represents the changing cultural structure of the jazz age. Jazz is a lively and improvisational style of music which relates to the jazz age in which socially society became more lively itself. Jazz was introduced by African Americans which also suggests that the jazz age is a era of cultural acceptance.

What did the jazz age give people?


Where did the jazz age take place?

the jazz age took place in 1921

When was The Jazz Age - album - created?

The Jazz Age - album - was created in 1997.