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manifest functions

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Q: What are recognized and intended consequences of a social pattern?
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The term fourth estate is used in reference to what?

The fourth estate refers to an institution with social or political influence that is not officially recognized. This is largely in reference to news journalists and media.

What is migration transition?

Change in the migration pattern in a society that results from industrialization, population growth, and other social and economic changes that also produce the demographic transition.

Social classes for native Americans?

No Native American tribe (that I know of) had a social class system of any type. Every member of the tribe was equal as far as their status, the tribe only recognized differences in the abilities of each person from age, infirmity, abilities etc. This recongition only changed what was expected of that member, not there status in the tribe. This answer is given with a caveat; tribal societies did recognize social deviants; those who would bully a weaker person (for one example) and in recognizing this they would attempt to correct the behavior and when they were unable to they would cast them out, or kill them.These tribal societies are noted by European political philosophers as "the apex of human society" (that form of utopian society that many claim is unattainable).

What was a difference between the middle colonies and the carolinas?

people were strictly separated by social class.

What is social Darwinnism?

Social Darwinism is a theory about society. This theory states that individuals and groups are a product of natural selection.

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The intended and recognized consequences of social processes?

manifest functions

Functions of an institution that unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern are known as?

The functions of an institution that involve recognizing and addressing unintended consequences of a social pattern are known as latent functions. These functions are not obvious and may not be intended, but they can still have significant impacts on society.

In sociology what is the manifest function?

Manifest functions refer to the intended and visible positive outcomes or consequences of social actions, institutions, or structures. These functions are typically planned and consciously recognized by individuals or groups within a society.

What is latent dysfunctions?

Latent dysfunctions are unintended negative consequences of a social structure or institution that are not immediately recognized or acknowledged. These dysfunctions can undermine the intended purpose or function of a system and may not become apparent until they cause problems. Identifying and addressing latent dysfunctions is important for maintaining the effectiveness of social systems.

Who was the us sociologist who pointed out the difference between the manifest functions and the latent functions of social patterns?

Robert K. Merton was the US sociologist who introduced the concepts of manifest functions (intended consequences) and latent functions (unintended consequences) of social patterns in his work on the structure and dynamics of social systems.

Who was the us sociologist who pointed out the difference between manifest functions and the latent functions of social pattern?

The U.S. sociologist who pointed out the difference between manifest functions and latent functions of social patterns was Robert K. Merton. He emphasized the idea that social structures and institutions can serve multiple functions, some of which are intended and recognized (manifest functions), while others are unintended and not immediately recognized (latent functions).

What are some examples social consequences?

Social consequences may include ostracism, discrimination, stigma, rejection, and alienation. These consequences can arise from behaviors or actions that go against social norms, values, or expectations.

What is Social consequences?

A social consequence is the impact of an event or action on a social environment.

Unrecognized and unintended consequences of the social structure are called?

Unrecognized and unintended consequences of the social structure are called social issues or unintended consequences. These can arise from the interactions between different elements of society and have impacts that were not originally anticipated or foreseen by those involved in creating the social structure.

Social and moral consequences of taking ecstasy?

the moral consequences are that you will feel like a dinosaur

The intended beneficial consequences of people's actions that help a social system to be more efficient are?

Achieving common goals more effectively, fostering collaboration within the system, improving overall productivity, and enhancing the well-being of individuals within the social system.

Is there consequences of social uses after taking ecstasy?