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You could fish in the rivers, lakes, and the sea, hunt deer, trap beaver, cut lumber, build houses, chop wood for fires, grow crops, grow livestock, trade with the natives, be a shopkeeper, be a blacksmith, be a wagoner or a wheelwright, and most importantly, exercise your newly-found freedoms.

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music, fence painting, and puzzles

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Burn witches

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What was the social aspect in New Hampshire

as the original colony

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Q: What are some examples of this amusements the New England colonies had?
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What are some examples of dependent and independent colonies?

There are no examples to give you if you are asking about American colonies. The colonies were all English colonies and had the king as the head of government. They were all dependent on England.

What were some colonies in the new England colonies?

Occupations in the New England colonies were essentially the same as in any place inhabited by western Europeans. They included:farmermillersawyercoopersmithslawyerphysicianclergyteacherbakercarpentersailorfishermanseamstresssoldierclockmakersurveyor

Did the New England and Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies all have slavery?

Southern Colonies had slaves to do their work on the plantation, Middle Colonies had some slaves but they were kinda in the middle, while the New England Colonies had no slaves.

What were some of the reasons for finding colonies in New England?

Because that's where colonists founded their colonies.

What are some examples of geometric boundary?

england, Mexico

How did homes look like in the New England Colonies?

Because of their forests some people think that the New England colonies made their houses out of wood.

What did New England do that southern colonies did?

They had some workers and animals

What are some major towns in the New England Colonies?


How did the Maryland colony interact with the other colonies?

The middle colonies produced the 'Staple Crops' or the food for all the other colonies. Some examples of them would be oats, wheat, barley, etc. The southern colonies provided 'cash crops' to earn money. Examples of cash crops were tobacco, sugar, rice, cotton, etc. The New England colonies also had cash crops.

What is the geography of the New England Colonies the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies?

In the southern Colonies there was no westward movement because of the appalacian mountains. In the New England Colonies they were close to the ocean and were a trade region. The Middle Colonies were known as the "bread basket colonies". There were also no big mountains and some hills.

How were the colonists taxes used in England?

to pay for British troops stationed in the colonies to pay for some of England's war debt to pay for officials governing the colonies

What are some acts about the New England colonies?

they don't like americans