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Crow religion included many unique ceremonies. Among others there were:

  • The Bear Song Dance
  • The Sacred Pipe Dance
  • The Sun Dance (unique in that it was always performed for the purpose of taking revenge on enemies)
  • Cooked Meat Singing (or The Meat Festival), a ceremony that strangely included sacred rocks and a bear image

Perhaps the most interesting and unique series of ceremonies were performed each year by the Tobacco Society, which was made up of several "chapters"; originally these were the Weasel, Otter, Elk, White Bird and Tobacco chapters and the purpose of the society was to promote the welfare of the entire tribe.

Unlike most other Plains societies, the Crow Tobacco Society was open to both men and women. Entry was via a special "adoption" ceremony and initiation. The Crows were also unique among Plains tribes in planting tobacco as a crop - but not for smoking. Its star-shaped flowers were seen as a celestial symbol with deep religious significance, so great care was taken in observing all the rituals at planting and harvest time. Sometimes tiny model sweat-lodges were built on the garden plots for the use of the tobacco spirits and there were songs and celebrations at each significant stage.

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Q: What are some traditions for the crow Indian tribe?
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