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what is the advantages of landuse actof 1978

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Q: What are the advantages of land use act of 1978?
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What are the advantages of being a territory of the US?

some advantages are that the community can own more land and use government funds to get the land

What advantages did feudalism offer fiefs?

Use of land and protection

What is the advantages of mixed land use?

Mixed land use reduces the travel time and costs between users and producers.

What the land act?

The Land Act is a piece of legislation that governs the ownership and use of land within a particular jurisdiction. It typically addresses issues such as land rights, land acquisition, land distribution, and land administration. The specific provisions of a Land Act can vary depending on the country and its land tenure system.

Justify the objectives of the land use act with the prevailing circumstances of the land use pattern in nigeria?

ok ok

What act allowed states to use federal land grants to establish colleges?

The Morrill Act

What was the topic of the Dawes Act?

to get the Indian land and to use it for settlements

What has the author Adedapo Adeniran written?

Adedapo Adeniran has written: 'The futility of the Land Use Decree 1978' -- subject(s): Land use, Law and legislation, Nigeria

What is the effect of land use act of 1978 on cross rivers state in Nigeria?

All the land in Nigeria is owned by Nigeria land tenure is still governed by traditional practice which is largely patriarchal. There are many gender discriminations still going on women are not getting enough rights. They have not succeeded in transforming their economic importance into political clout.

What is the act of making land suitable for human use?

The act of making land suitable for human use is known as land development. This involves altering the land to prepare it for construction or other human activities, such as grading, paving, and installing utilities. Land development can range from residential subdivisions to commercial developments.

What are the advantages of deforestation?

it helps you use the wood from the trees You can use the land cleared to grow and plant crops, a disadvantage of this is that the land from where the trees were is less fertile than the other land so won't grow as quick or as well!

What are the advantages for the countries that export tropical timber?

They get the money and profits. Also clears land for expansion. The bad news is the land is deforested and there are soil erosion. Bad land means little use for the land in agriculture.