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there are three types of culture 1.industry culture 2.corporate culture 3.occupational culture............./ ( three points are main types of culture industry,coporate and accupational culture

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Crips and Bloods

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Q: What are the different types of cultures in America?
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What is North America known for?

North America is known for its many different cultures and food.

What makes cultures different?

Cultures are different because of their regions, beliefs and lifestyles. Most cultures wear different types of clothing, eat different foods and listen to different music.

Why have Christmas traditions in America been influenced by so many different cultures?

Because America is a country that has people of many different cultures in it, and they bring their traditions with them.

What impacted culture most in America?

Many people would have impacted culture in America. Depending on what state/area you are in will change who impacted the culture the most as there are lost of different types of cultures in the US.

What types of cultures are in India?

different type of cultures can be seen in india like painting architecture etc.

What were the major kinds of Indian Cultures in North America before 1500?

Before 1500 there were several different kinds of Native American cultures in North America. There were farmers, fisher cultures, and hunter gatherers.

What is New York's religon?

its various. there are all different types of religions and cultures!

Is America a tossed salad?

America is a tossed salad because of all the different races and cultures and different people that live it ya

How have landforms contributed to regionalism?

Landforms have influenced the development of regionalism by creating natural barriers that have isolated communities, leading to distinct local cultures and identities. They have also determined settlement patterns, resource availability, and economic activities, shaping the way people interact with their environment and with each other within a region. Additionally, landforms can contribute to a sense of place and belonging, fostering a shared connection among people living in the same geographic area.

What is the theory that America is a country of different cultures fusing together?

melting pot

Is the rh care proxided to the different types of people sufficient their needs?

not all needlings are different cultures.

How many types of worms are there in North America?

There are 220 different types of worms in North America.