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The first three digits in a phone number represent the area code, which directs the phone call to a specific region according to population density. Lower numbers were typically used for denser areas (because they could be dialed faster on rotary phones), while higher numbers were used for less populated areas.

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The first three digits of a Social Security number represents the Area Number, or part of the country where the application for your Social Security card was originally filed. Prior to 1972, the Area Number represented the State where the application was completed; after 1972, the Areas have been assigned by zip code.

The Social Security Administration issued the lowest numbers to the Eastern states, and the higher numbers to the Western states. This scheme was initiated to help the SSA's Baltimore office keep track of their filing system in the days before computerization.

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in a 10 digit phone number the first 3 digits is the area code.

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Q: What are the first 3 digits mean in a phone number?
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I guess that you talking about the phone number prefix. its ussually the first 3 digits of the phone number for exampls: If you have a phone number in NJ the first 3 digits would be (609) If you live in a different country, theres always a 3 number digit you would dial in the beginning of a phone number Hope that will help...

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