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The five basic factors that affect the success of a nation-state include Corruption, freedom, democracy, frugality and peace

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Q: What are the five basic factors that affect the success of a nation state?
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What two factors affected how Indian tribes met their basic needs?

The two factors you are looking for are climate and topography(the geography of the land).This affected their needs forr clothing, food, and shelter.

Is it true that a basic principle of the constitution is that civilians will control the military?

The basic principle of the Constitution was to establish the Government of a new nation. One of the principles does establish civilian control of the military to prevent a military dictatorship in our country. Many counties around the world have military rule and they don't fair well for the citizens.

The basic economic and political theory by which 17th and 18th century European powers governed their overseas colonies?

Seventeenth and eighteenth century European powers mainly utilized Adam Smith's mercantilism concept of economics, which enriched the mother nation through restricted spheres of trade. Politically, it depended. France ruled with an absolute monarchy that controlled virtually all the details of colonial affairs, whereas in England, a parliament that controlled the nation's finances had considerable influence upon the actions of the King and the nation.

Why was slavery a paradox in the united staes?

Slavery was a paradox in the United States because it contradicted the ideals of liberty and equality upon which the country was founded. While the nation proclaimed itself as a land of freedom, it allowed the existence of a brutal institution that denied basic human rights to millions of African Americans. The contradiction between the principles of democracy and the reality of slavery led to a deep tension and eventually contributed to the Civil War and the end of slavery.

He laid down the basic foundation for the science of genetics?

who laid down the basic foundation for the science of genetics

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What are the five basic factors that affect the success of a nation?

Natural resources, governance, culture, skill base, and education

What are the factors that nagetively affect the develpoment of a country?

Corruption, lack of infrastructure, political instability, and limited access to basic services such as healthcare and education can all negatively affect the development of a country. These factors can hinder economic growth, social progress, and overall stability within a nation.

What are 5 basic factors that affect the success of a nation-state?

Corruption - the easiest way to destroy an economy Democracy - the best way to get the people and their government on the same track Freedom - a limit to democracy. Protect the rights of unpopular minorities from the mob. Frugality - spend less than you take in Peace & Justice - without justice there is no peace, without peace there is no justice

Which factors affect a populations growth regardless of the population size?

The basic needs like food, shelter are some of the factors that affect the population's growth regardless of the size.

What factors influence population size?

The basic needs like food, shelter are some of the factors that affect the population's growth regardless of the size.

Is education a basic need for Canadians?

Canada has an excellent education system. As with all countries, education is an important factor in the success of any nation.

What impact does critical success factors have on an organization?

CSF (critical success factors) is a term that is related to the very basic needs of an organization or company to achieve its mission and goals. So, if an organization is looking forward to get a high performance and success in the future, it should give special attention to management and enterprise area. Both of these are represented by CSF.

What is the root word for success?

The root word, the basic linguistic component of successful is success.

Three factors that affect the sustainability of humans include?

food, nurtre, strength, and basic inteligence. otherwise we're screwd.

What is the motto of Basic High School?

The motto of Basic High School is 'Success Is Just A Paw Print Away!'.

How do you success in Hollywood?

You can't if you don't know your basic English grammar.

What Long-term strategic success in COIN normally depends on and the population's consent to the governing rule?

In COIN operations, long-term success usually hinges on gaining the population's support and trust. This involves addressing grievances, providing security, and meeting basic needs. Without the consent and cooperation of the people, achieving strategic success is difficult.