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I can not speak for all natives, as I am only one member of one tribe in California, BUT..........

IMO, schoolbooks/history books will never be changed to tell the true story of American history in relation to natives because that would mean owning up/admitting to committing genocide. the treaties will never see any action..... they were meaningless pieces of paper meant to get us to move, trusting that the gov't would come thru on their end... but they were never even presented to congress to be ratified. smart move on the white man's part since nothing can be done until they are ratified..... it'll never happen no matter what any leader of any tribe or nation does...... For if American history were to be told in truth, the American public might actually find out that they are indeed on land stolen by genocidal liars.

all that matters to me is that I know what happened, I will pass that on to my children & they to theirs. I don't care if anyone knows about it or believes it....... I do. That's all that matters.

i agree and fake Americans have only been around for say 200yrs and they have the nuclear arsenal to destroy earth 10 times over! they are genocidal liars for instance not many know that it was infact America who attacked Japan first when japan invaded china America [yet again] got involved and blockaded japan of trade inticeing japan to retaliate also did you know that there was 16000000 American military personel before japan was forced to attack pearl harbour and before enlistments took place? more to the story?

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Q: What are the leaders of the Native American Indians doing to restore their place in American History?
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