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dolley Madison only had one child whose name was payton

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Payne Todd

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Q: What are the names of Dolley Madisons kids?
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Who was dolley Madisons mom?

Dolley Madisons mom was Mary Coles Payne.

What are dolley madisons intrest?


What was james Madisons wife named?

dolley madison

Which presidential couple was named James and Dolley?

The Madisons

What was James madisons wife DOLLEY s kid's name?

Dolley's son was John Payne Todd.

How many kids did James Madisons parents have including him?

in fact she was a widow, she had two kids of her own, and at age twenty-six she meet James Madison, and James and Dolley adopted a child

Who were Dolley madisons parents?

Their names were John Payne and Mary Coles Payne.

How old were James madisons kids when he died?

His only adopted son was 44 when he died. He did not have any children, but adopted Dolley's son, John Payne Todd.

How old are dolley madisons sons?

matthew=15 steven=35 jordan=28

Who was Dolley Madisons second husband?

James Madison was Dolley Payne second husband, Her first husband was John Todd who died and left her a young widow.

What were the names of Dolley Madison's three kids?

She Only had 2 and there names are John Payne Todd and William Temple Todd

What are Jason Dolley's parents' names?

It is Michelle Dolley and Larry ...