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Q: What are the native American tribes of the plateau region?
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What were the languages of plateau native American?

The main tribes of the Plateau region were Kutenai, Nez Perce, Salish and Cayuse, but there were many other smaller tribes. Their languages belong to the Sahaptin, Salishan, Athapaskan, Chinookan, Cayuse and Kootenai families.

What are facts about the plateau people?

Plateau people, also known as the Plateau Indians, are a group of Native American tribes living in the Plateau region of North America. They are known for their reliance on salmon fishing, teepee-style lodges, and intricate basket weaving. Some well-known Plateau tribes include the Nez Perce, Yakama, and Umatilla.

What are Native American tribes of the arctic region?


What native American groups did not have access to the ocean?

Plains tribes were inland tribes.

What tribes are in the plateau?

Some tribes in the Plateau region of North America include the Nez Perce, Umatilla, Yakama, and Warm Springs tribes. These tribes have their own unique languages, cultures, and traditional territories within the Plateau region.

In which region was bison a major food source for Native American tribes?

the great plains.

What are the native Americans tribe?

the native American tribes are called native American tribes.

Who were the native groups that lived in the region of the southern colonies?

Native American in the U.S. south included the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creeks), Cherokee, Caddo, Comache, and Seminole.

What are three American native tribes?

Apache, Huron, and Lakota are three different Native American Tribes.

What region would you find the adobe home in?

yo would find it in the pueblo region, one of the native american tribes that lived in adobes were the jumano

Do Native American Tribes protect the environment in a responsible manner?

do native American tribes protect the environment in a responsible manner? if so, how so? do native American tribes protect the environment in a responsible manner? if so, how so?

Why does the state of Oklahoma today have a large Native American population?

During the Trail of Tears, and later, many Native American tribes were force to move to what was then called the "Indian Territories." This region was later formed into the State of Oklahoma. Since so many tribes had been relocated there, the state came to have a large Native American population.